Get Floods of Free Targeted Traffic and Explode Your Online Income Using The 26 Free Web Traffic Machine

Get Floods of Free Targeted Traffic and Explode Your Online Income Using The 26 Free Web Traffic Machine

Web traffic is defined as the number of visitors who visit a website. The number of visitors is directly proportional to the amount of data sent and received by the website. Web traffic is a notable measure that determines the web site’s popularity. The web site monitors, checks and maintains an account of which web page is frequently visited by the visitors. This is used to rectify the defective parts of the site and provides a chance to increase the incoming traffic. Several methods are defined and implemented to increase the traffic to the site. Sometimes the same traffic will become overloaded.

Types of Information:
Web traffic is calculated by the respective website to check the popularity. A lot of information is calculated and all these factors determine the incoming traffic to the site. The list of information is as follows;

1. Total number of visitors to visit the site.
2. The average number of views of a particular page in a site. This is to check whether the content is useful to the visitor and how far it can be improvised.
3. Time spent by a visitor on a particular page as well as the duration for which he used the site.
4. Most popular entry pages.
5. Time when maximum members visit the site. This is used to promote advertisements and pay per click campaigns in the website.


6. Most visited external source for the links in the website.

Types of Traffic:
There are two types of web traffic which is differentiated by the factors that determine the traffic.

Organic Traffic:
This traffic is associated with the positioning of the website in the search engine. Search engines use special programs called spiders to collect information and links for the keywords and phrases and this collection is based upon the Meta tags and internal links that a page may contain. The top sites of the search engine get most of the clicks and hence increase the web traffic.

Natural Traffic:
Natural traffic is caused by the primary names of the website. The domain name, by itself, explains the content of the site. For example, if the user is in need of information about bank deposits, he can go to bankdeposit.com instead of using search engines. This is the most preferred one since it saves time.

Ways To Increase Web Traffic:
The site should be optimized using search engine optimization for user convenience. A lot of links connecting other websites should be provided so that bulk of information is gathered in one place. Pay per click advertisements also increases the popularity of the website. Email and offline marketing is used to promote it. Most wanted and relevant information with periodic update of content will naturally increase the visitors, thus improving the web traffic.

Web Traffic-Overload:
When the traffic to the site is increased, access to a particular page of the web site will slow down or even get prevented. This increase may be unintentional or due to malicious attacks.

Unintentional traffic overload is due to the sudden popularity of the web site due to a happening product, flash news etc.

Malicious traffic is due to the denial of service attacks which overwhelm the website with the maximum content so that it cannot cope up.

Access Limitation:
Certain websites have access limitations to certain visitors on certain pages of the site. For such authorization, passwords are used. This is used to minimize the traffic in specific areas. The traffic can also be reduced by minimizing the bandwidth and the number of connections.

Thus, web traffic can be used to determine the popularity of the site and helps to improvise the content and design of it. CLICK HERE FOR 26 EFFECTIVE FREE METHODS

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